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What sets Torqily apart? Unparalleled torque density in a lightweight and small package. Our patent-pending direct drive motors provide the torque at the speed that the load needs, reducing or eliminating gearboxes.
  • We Pack More

    • Torque for Rotary Positioning
    • Force for Linear Positioning
    • Power for Propulsion
    • Power for Generation

The Torqily electric motor’s small size, torque density and backdrivability make them the ideal solution for a range of industry use:

  • Industrial Robotics
  • Collaborative Robotic
  • Electric Aircraft
  • HVAC
  • Mobile Generators
  • Machine Tools
  • Drones


Highly efficient motors, reducing heat and extending range.


Gobs of torque in a tiny size and light weight.


Opening up new applications in robotics and automation.

Direct Drive

Torque at the speed the load needs, can eliminate gearbox.

Details & Specifications

Patent Pending
 Specifications are based on extensive electromagnetic, thermal and mechanical simulation, as well as dyno testing and validation.
  • Property

    • Continuous Power
    • Continuous Torque
    • Speed Range
    • Motor Efficiency
    • DC Bus Voltage
    • Mass
    • Volume
    • OD
    • Length

  • Value (SI)

    • 15 kW
    • 45 Nm
    • 0-3,500 RPM
    • 95%
    • 300 V
    • 3.6 kg
    • 2.4 L
    • 225 mm
    • 61 mm

  • Value (Imperial)

    • 20 hp
    • 33 ft-lbs
    • 0-3,500 RPM
    • 95%
    • 300 V
    • 8 lbs
    • 146 cu in
    • 8.9 in
    • 2.4 in

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Serious engineering and designer focused.

01 Our Story

Torqily’s industry disrupting technology was born out of a Small Business Innovation Research development contract with the US government, exemplifying the program’s mission to stimulate high-tech innovation. The team was working on a tough design problem that needed a very lightweight propulsion motor that had strict size limits, couldn’t use a gearbox and couldn’t be liquid cooled. Using a unique electromagnetic approach the team delivered the needs of a fast, efficient, high-torque, low-mass electric motor. Torqily motor technology has been supported by more than $2.5M in funding from US government R&D contracts, commercial contracts, and IR&D. All in support of our goal to reset the bar on electric motor performance with this breakthrough technology.

02 Our Team

Our team of engineers and business development professionals are from multidisciplinary backgrounds, including robotics, mechanical design, radio frequency, electromagnetic, and electrical engineering, with a long history of groundbreaking technology development under the Toyon Research Corporation name. For more than 40 years Toyon has been developing and producing innovative technologies, demonstrating a successful track-record of commercialization. Toyon’s collaborative teaming structure and diverse engineering experience provide a backbone of knowledge to the Torqily team. The Torqily technology is built on great capabilities, engineering mindset, and reliable determination.

Eric Sandoz

Eric Sandoz

As lead engineer on Torqily, Eric demonstrates a passion for invention and engineering. His undying love of robotics influenced his vision to dramatically reduce the barrier to entry for robotic products with the Torqily technology. In his spare time he likes to make weird and fun robots. You can call him our Chief Actuator.

Paul Castleberg

Paul Castleberg, PhD

Paul is the CTO and VP of New Business at Toyon Research Corporation. Paul brings years of experience and his knack for building relationships to the Torqily team. If you’re curious about Torqily’s revolutionary electric motor technology, Paul won’t be shy to tell you all about it.

Connor Wolf

Connor is a wizard in the workshop (and not just because of his signature beard). From CNC machining to mechanical design to embedded software development, Connor does it all. He directs an orchestra of some nine 3D printers in his garage and one industrial robot in his living room.

Download the Torqily spec sheet for basic specifications, industry usage and more.

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